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Do You Have a Roadmap for Your Marriage?

Yes, marriage can have its twists and turns. But the detours don't necessarily have to lead couples off course. With practical advice and stories from their own relationship and counseling experiences, the Smalleys explore 12 biblically based strategies to help you work around roadblocks, create successful communication patterns, and build a romance that lasts a lifetime.

Meet the Smalleys

Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley recently celebrated twenty-three years of marriage. They are the proud parents of three daughters and one son in Colorado Springs, where Greg is the vice president of Family Ministries at Focus on the Family. Equipped with a PsyD, Greg helps prepare individuals for marriage and parenthood, strengthens existing marriages and families, and provides support for couples and parents in crisis. Erin is program manager at Focus on the Family with an MA in clinical psychology. Prior to joining Focus, the couple worked at the Center for Healthy Relationships at John Brown University.