"Greatest Hits" to Growth 

Life Group Series Starting August 5th.
Available in-person and online.

Playlist:  On Repeat

A New 4-week Life Group Series

Do you have a favorite song?  How about a favorite playlist with the right set of songs you listen to over and over again that always seem to put you in the right mood?  There’s nothing like it!  This Summer we’re compiling a “Greatest Hits” list from God’s Word.  In the month of August we invite you to join us for “Playlist: On Repeat” as we look at some of the top picks on God’s playlist for our lives!  We’ll be learning some keys to a blessed life and a closer relationship with God that we’ll want to keep ON REPEAT all year long and beyond.

Focus Breakdown of Each Week:
August 5th - So You Think You Can Pray
August 12th - Finding Rest in the Restlessness
August 19th - Am I Generous?
August 26th - Built to Last

This life group is for all adults, and it will be located in the main sanctuary.  No sign up is necessary.  We will also have something for the entire family.  Your kids will love our interactive kids ministry and/or our engaging youth service.  Starts at 7pm, and it finishes at 8:15pm.  If you are sick or have health conditions, we will be broadcasting this service live.

New Life Groups will kick off September 9th (online registration coming in August)

We believe God created us to live in relationship with others so that we can grow in our faith, receive care in life’s ups and downs, and serve others. Connection is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why Life Groups exist—to make these life-changing connections relevant and accessible to you.  We have more than 20 different life groups so that you can choose one that is right for you.  

Most life groups meet every Wednesday night for a 9-week period at 7pm.  We do have life groups that meet on different days of the week as well.  If you are new to Life Groups or to the church, we can help you find the perfect life group that fits your lifestyle.

Or if you need more information, please call email Amber or call the church at 320-597-7777.

How to lead a life group?

Here at River of Life Church, Life Group Leaders are heroes! We believe in order to grow in your relationship with Christ, it is extremely important to discover and invest in authentic relationships. There is no better place to do that than the Life Groups that meet throughout the week across our community.

Life Group Hosts come from a variety of backgrounds and exp
eriences, but their mission is the same to see people connect with each other and with God in a significant way. You don’t need a theology degree to lead a life group. What you do need is a heart to see unconnected people find community.

Leading a Life Group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about investing in others by giving them a place to connect, grow, and serve. Leading a group is simple—choose a topic that interests you. We’ll resource you with the tools to make your Life Group a success through Leadership Training. We believe people’s lives are changed one season at a time, and as a Life Group leader you get to play a vital role in that process.

1. Complete an online 
leadership application (see button below).
2. Wait for approval.
3. Complete leadership training.